[ Violence in 2015 ]

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • The best tool for one job is only very rarely the best tool for another.
  • Obsolescence is a matter of opinion. Something is obsolete when it can no longer contribute meaningfully to its user's life - never before.
  • Reducing the utility of a device never, never, NEVER constitutes an upgrade. Don't pay more for less.
  • The user-friendliness of a UI and its power are most often inversely proportional. If just ANYONE can use a device to its full potential, it isn't good for much.
  • Mobile "productivity" is NOT a substitute for actually getting things done. Period.
  • Monopolies - whether in business, in power, in design, or in philosophy - weaken us all. A plurality of OSes, processor architectures, and design philosophies is better for everyone.
  • A lack of user-serviceability disqualifies any and all other positive qualities of a device. Accordingly, 2008 was the last time Apple made an acceptable laptop.
  • More (processing power, megapixels, etc etc etc) is not an objective good. Neither is ever-increasing portability. There are ALWAYS tradeoffs.
  • 16:9 is a heinous aspect ratio for anything other than the consumption of entertainment. Its near-universal uptake is symptomatic of a grave shift in the way we view our technology.
  • Artists and entertainers are NOT the same thing. Relatedly, if Hollywood says it, it's probably wrong.
  • All ________ are NEVER, EVER, EVER created equal.

This list is continually being appended to. Suggestions may be sent HERE.